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Marginálie is a forthcoming communitarian zine. Based on punk zines and Czechoslovakian samizdat (of the Hrabalian school).

Should you wish to know more, you may take a look at the wiki, or the videos that are being recorded in the making of the zine. These are hosted at the internet archive, PeerView, and, rather more reluctantly, on YouTube. You might also take a look at the files I am currently working on as linked to from a temporary index page on the wiki.

There is an additional work-in-progress in the shape of a Pleroma instance, that is, an instance of a community-hosted social media network. Currently titled Plural Polis, Prague, this can be found at Should you find it working, you may sign up. Since it is free, and since you are not paying with your soul or your community, it would be wise not to expect the flawless service you may get elsewhere; it is possible the attempt, though it is an honest attempt, may end up as little more than an article. (I tend to live my articles more than might be wise.) That said, it may be as similar an experience to walking into a unique social space as you are likely to find on-line, and if it acts as nothing more than an alienation device for your use of proprietorial social media, it may be the best thing you ever did.

I am hoping to rebuild the project as a Flask web application. I know how to do this right now no more than I am clear on how to administer a Pleroma instance, but that is how I learn. If you came here looking for any of the old content, I have not yet transferred much of it. This means that some of the links you may have come across may still work, and some of those from the wiki may still link to live pages. If you are technically minded and would like to explore, you could take a look at my page on GitLab.

If you like either what you see, or what you may hope to see, you might choose to donate to the project at the subs page. When I am not landscape gardening at a nursery school in Prague, helping out at a half-built vineyard and wine cellar in Moravia, or teaching English or programming, I am working hard on the first issue. Whatever will come of it, and I will be the first to admit that all my plans scare the shit out of me thrice daily, I think it will be value for money.

Christopher Rozruch, lead developer / editor-in-chief, Prague, April 2018