Sunday July 8, 2018, 09:43

~1st draft~:


I have been reading The Optimist's Daughter by Eudora Welty (Virago), watching Larks on a Wire, working through Larry Siedentop's Democracy in Europe, writing tracts in an attempt to describe what Issue Zero will be, and have been alternately avoiding (?) and engaging with the backend of what may one day - perhaps one day soon! - become Marginálie. It is difficult to know how far I have been avoiding the building of the back end itself. Actually, though, I have been thinking hard about all of this stuff, and a lot of the work is necessarily conceptual. Only time will tell how much progress I have made, but right now it appears that I have got my head around databases sufficiently to start adding a little bit of test content I could later then build the pages around... I have not gone out of my mind yet, but I have been on my own for a week now, and the social contact I have made so far has been disappointing. I am keyed in socially essentially only through Woodstock and struggle otherwise on my own to meet people at all... Not that I can only work, of course. I have been pushing myself hard, and have not yet managed to find time to run, do yoga and the like. I hope soon to link the diary pages to tasks and the like. Right now it is mainly testing the database structures and perhaps building on them slowly as I see the problems through using them.

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