Holding Patterns

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Candidate <<--<'redacted_to_hash': |e97fb8ee0a829f86d7beb7a8aae467543be0417fa180f77b33cbc3f014e92b35ffb682a25b44b04ee9ed5e12ca2af2df8b9147d2c53ac1a3ed3d40ad9deebdfd|, 'redaction-ledger': 'fight salmon magnesium PARIS isbut NIGEL jumplantroll mortar Helmut droll 927a1c'>-->>, subsequently referred to as Dominic Kicking-Kay Subtlefuge Wilson, was assigned training with Detective-Inspector

<<--<'redacted_to_hash': |8441b3339307bf1358f9c19341bad595e95ee061e215ba42b325b9d05aba261c7a789c34386b20c5e96ed66b97a8a95ed1604382065c07f9bbbea1eaa6473c18|, 'redaction-ledger': 'mudslide chaining freedom PLATFORM gogoldoll substrate JOHNSON lard delightfulness bothy d68a4a'>-->>, subsequently referred to as **DI Clumsen D. Hoplite** with his partner, <<--<'redacted', redaction-ledger: 'DEVNULL'>-->>, whose participation in the wildcard incident which shall be hereby described will be anonymised with minimal narrative obfuscution so as to preserve human-acceptable levels of verisimilitude: Louise Everyman Greenwood. On the evening of [CTS date], at around [CTS time], DI Hoplite led PCbs Wilson and Greenwood around the parks of Manchester. The two, who had regularly been assigned together, who shared an oversight officer, and who met up on average every 3-4 days during the busiest four of twelve periods they had been at work, showed a good geographical understanding. Their comprehension of the very different human trends in each of these areas, however, were rated moderate to poor even by untrained human standards and **DI Hoplite**, who has long had a reputation in the academy of being rather forbiddingly strict even for a 'droid' (as the academy argot rather consistently has it despite the very many human efforts to suppress the instinct), opted to instruct them on many of these phenomena at once. In Academy feedback it was often said that **DI Hoplite**, who has since moved to the auto infractions division in St Helen's and New Ulster, had a tendency to 'Botsplain', meaning (so it is said by those who cleave to language guides more descriptive than prescriptive, demonstratively eschewing anything after Fowler's 47.x), that he would regularly give information in great detail, perhaps in the knowledge that they would find it too much to meaningfully process. Equally relevantly, it was regularly said in feedback and debriefing sessions, that **DI Hoplite** would tend to encourage 'open thinking' with regards to behaviour, expressing the view (according to three students in three seperate year groups with no statistically meaningful interaction spanning 9 years' service), that what did not make it into the dataset, did not meaningfully exist. It ought to be observed that each of these three students commented that **DI Hoplite**'s remarks were either apparently delivered as a joke (twice), or followed up by what may be taken either as a punchline or a moral in the manner of the Academy parable guidelines for NH mentors (differently, twice), to wit, that it is never possible to know what will make it into the data. **DI Hoplite**'s apparently decisive intervention in the following case, would appear to be analogous to the latter mode.

Rand Park (technically a quarantine arboretum), which stretches from more orderly districts of The Secular Christian Quadrant to the more moderately bohemian fringes of The Atheist Quarter, is felt to be one of the most beautiful parks in Greater Manchester. It is the only 'park' to feature a range of organic trees, some of which are believed to be wild and many of which are endangered or reconstructed native species; the park features seventeen flowering trees and has been registered as a site of special scientific interest in the field of immunology. Regular police patrols ensure that criminal activity in the area is kept to a minimum. With a leading advertising agency sited in the 'Aquarium' complex, built in the twenties on the raised side of the Atheist Quarter known locally as Shill Row and strongly associated with historical running battles in the early Contract years, however, there are number of problems involving strongly deprecated narcotic lifecrafts; these problems are primarily non-criminal in character and involve both workers in the creative industries and a loosely-grouped demographic of resistance operatives, urban sportists, and itinerants. It has long been felt that, despite or indeed because of their inclinations, these individuals are legitimate and productive citizens whose divergent acts must dutifully be indulged or at least tolerated. This problematic and this social context was adumbrated to the two aspirant police officers as they transitioned, mostly on foot, from the smaller, and more concentratedly criminally challenging parks and common areas in the Catholic and Heterogenous Quadrants.

PCbs Wilson and Greenwood were reaching the end of a three week period of intense neighbourhood policing. Though PCb Greenwood had been meeting and excelling most of the moderate targets made for him, PCb Wilson, who, perhaps through neglecting to pace himself, had excelled in his first three semesters, had been struggling; showing more vigour than judgement, relying, it seemed, more on 'hunch' than any species of nuanced logic, his file was full of venial errors and negative feedback from otherwise relatively congenial citizens and he evidently experienced a crisis.

It is known that PCbs Wilson and Greenwood both had indulged in both non-regulation and contraband narcotics - synthetic street uppers and psychoactive pharmaceuticals - during each of the three most intensive (and decisive) periods of their training. PCb Wilson, evidently ambitious but rather rash, had been approached by an officer of the English Transport Police, <<--<'redacted', redaction-ledger: 'DEVNULL'>-->>, whose participation in the wildcard incident which shall be hereby described will be anonymised with minimal narrative obfuscution so as to preserve human-acceptable levels of verisimilitude: David Wemmick-Castle Fiezlov. DCI Fiezlov had been seconded to the academy as one of a number of placements on account of his youthful appearance and had been posing as a candidate both as part of a training programme readying him for work in the pastoral department and to partipate in the humint evaluation of candidates. Discovering PCb Wilson to be a little 'loose', he offered him 'smart drugs' which he said he could get from a contact in the Pagan Quadrant who in his turn had extensive contacts in Anglesey and Ireland. PCb Wilson hesitated little and asked few questions. He pressed for a meeting with PCb Greenwood and first raised the matter of non-regulation performance-altering-substances in a black-market sauna in a residential flat in the Secular Christian Quadrant following a squash match in barracks. Though it can not be ruled out that PCb Greenwood may have either suspected a test or accepted the unorthodox invitation out of an otherwise-documented inclination for shoe leather policing (his metrics relating to PCb Wilson are divergent both before and after the meeting), he did not disclose the meeting or its contents, and, if his indulgence in non-regulation substances began after PCb Wilson's, beginning two weeks in to the first intensive period of police work that candidates consistently refer to as 'haze month', his indulgence was no less enthusiastic or consistant than his partner's.

PCbs Greenwood and Wilson's hormoregs were adjusted from the period they began to leave the vicinnity of Glidden Park. Their metrics did not change as might be expected. It seems highly unlikely that either candidate could have taken non-regulation stimulants at any time in their shift with **DI Hoplite** unobserved. **DI Hoplite**'s report of the shift contains no such disclosure. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly the case that had the metrics of either candidate been observed over this period alongside their external stimulae and hormoreg regime in the absence of such consistent and reliably observational data, they would have been considered consistent with either the ingestion of relatively pure shum or the spiking of dast, respectively around three and five hours before.

**DI Hoplite** relates that he covered all of the terrain required by his syllabus. Of particular interest here were the regular episodes of acontextually minor graffiti and vandalism around the tomb of the unknown soldier and both the statue of General Alexander and the recently-reworded plaque. He notes that PCb Wilson appeared to be incensed by the insensitivity of some resistance operatives taking part in such activities. So too was PCb Wilson angered by the idea that he ought to be more lenient to the scent of marijuana in certain areas of the park, including the semicircle of benches surrounding the Aquarium overlooking the skatepark created from the ruins of "Belling's Mosque", the old villa made by 'Greater Manchester's Gaudi' in the thirties. This area, underneath the still-standing minaret tower with its onion dome which had once housed a telescope, was rated culturally significant in the forties and continues to attract something in the way of an ersatz bohemian adventurer.

While **DI Hoplite** held back and observed the two candidates, PCb Greenwood outlined for PCb Wilson all the reasons it is felt the area ought to be contained rather than more proactively policed. If rather earnest, he was apparently sincere and might have been thought to be both plausible and persuasive. PCb Wilson, it seemed, remained unmoved.

**DI Hoplite** lingered long enough to observe the interaction and then led the two candidates down from Shill Row into the central area of the park and on towards the Secular Christian Quarter in order to take in all of the checkpoints of one of the standard guided walks on the two candidates' syllabuses. The central area of the park is widely agreed to be unproblematic from a criminal perspective. Dog owners walked their dogs. Young mothers pushed prams. Young men played sports. Teenagers listened to music and chatted. There were groups doing yoga and tai chi. A handful of arborialists could be seen. Groups of students and young researchers could be found around some of the more remarkable trees. There were children on bicycles. And there were runners. Several.

PCb Wilson appeared, according to both **DI Hoplite** and PCb Greenwood, to be becoming more aggitated.

PCb Wilson made it into the academy on his third try. He had been working in a number of roles, and studying a great deal. His work in less desirable fields steadily gave him insights into potentially criminal elements he had previously lacked. So too did it give him what he admitted to on his third interview: a chip on his shoulder.

The park, at its lowest point, comes out in a rather dark and architecturally-cluttered point where a number of rows of garages funnel into a scrap merchants behind a noisy steel railway bridge which runs over a tram track beside a busy cobbled road. Here pedestrians and joggers are forced to take a series of detours if they are to avoid either steep slopes and flights of steps or long variously-decorated underpasses which spit them out into what might be thought of as concentrated pallazi suited to little but parcour and criminal activity.

At [CTS time], PCb wilson turned to watch a young female jogger in a two piece outfit running up the row of garages towards the railway bridge and the ice hockey stadium beyond. A dog was barking in the scrap merchants, audibly pulling on a chain. PCb Greenwood was asking a series of questions from **DI Hoplite** relating to the uses the garages may be put to and the kind of social context such an area may present. By this time the senior officer had settled into a strategy, understood by both candidates, of dedicating himself pedagogically to one or the other of them, leaving the other to take in the world around them. He did turn with the thought of getting PCb Wilson involved, but, seeing his attention was quite taken up by the young woman, he decided to let him have what small pleasures he could find before moving on. They had the two of them had more or less enough.

PCb Wilson's voice surprised them both. "Stop, police!"

The young woman held her hand up in front of her face against his torch, squinting. Neither **DC Hoplite** nor PCb Greenwood can remember PCb Wilson shining the light on his own badge.

The woman jogged on the spot lightly. "Jesus! You scared the crap out of me. Can you get that thing out of my face!?" According to descriptions in concordances, it would be statistically meaningful to describe the woman as having an hourglass figure. PCb Greenwood reported that her one piece top was struggling to restrict the movements of her breasts.

PCb Wilson didn't seem sure how to progress. **DC Hoplite** decided to intervene: "Candidate, your light".

With some hesitation, PCb wilson turned off his torch.

"Oh I get it," said the young woman, looking between them as her eyes adjusted to the dark, and then addressing the senior officer. "Freshmen.. Cute. Can I go now?" She raised her eyebrows rather sarcastically. **DC Hoplite** shrugged and looked back at PCb Wilson.

"A look at your ID, miss, and we will let you get on with your day.