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A Letter From the Editor - Marginálie Issue Zero "Minimal Monetizable Un-Product" Sometimes I revisit a story I think I got from a book from the indispensible [Bloodaxe Books]( called _Getting Into Poetry_. Students at a sculpture course are confronted with a brusque tutor who answers all..
Thinking Through Post-Task Relationships This post is intended to do several things, most of which have been listed as tasks in my task-management system in the venerable free software text editor, Emacs. The first, which will be more or less invisible to the average user, is..
Fifty Years of the Troubles: A Journey Through Film In a nearly empty cinema hall on a passage leading from Vodičková off Prague's Václavské náměstí sometime around 2014, I watched Koyaanisqatsi, a more or less dialogue-less film and, since my thoughts were being led by narrative, plot,..
No Stone Unturned by Alex Gibney My girlfriend, Woodstock, has a name for films like this. A private joke, it takes some unpacking but I suspect that many couples might have their own name for something similar: this is a Psí film. Gloss: she calls me dog, Pes, and..
Tony Benn and the Five Essential Questions of Democracy I had this tab open in Firefox when I started my computer. I had been writing a film review which had turned, rather inevitably, into a reflection on Brexit. While I was struggling with the piece - and it was a struggle - I took in the..
Watching the End of Parliamentary Democracy in the UK? It's 11 o'clock in the evening and I have been working from nine-ish in the morning. I was writing a film review that turned into a long-form essay. I felt I had lost control of it and I probably had. I have been certain, these last few..
Holding Patterns - chapter 0 A Husslers player, number 42! - Carling used to know his name - gathered the puck at the bully and swept it back to scoop it and flick it swiftly behind the goal, off one wall, and then the next. The camera moved with it, close to the..
A resolution First, what I can talk about. My cousin is dying in Ireland. He has been ill all of his life. We played together as kids when we went over in the long summer holidays my mother had off from her school in Dudley in the West Midlands. I..
The Great Moat of England It must have been the New Year of 2015 into 2016 - yes, I confirm what seems scarcely credible by looking up Lemmy on Wikipedia, remembering that I chose to wear my Motorhead t-shit as we travelled up following the singer's death - and..
Holding Patterns Candidate <<--<'redacted_to_hash': |e97fb8ee0a829f86d7beb7a8aae467543be0417fa180f77b33cbc3f014e92b35ffb682a25b44b04ee9ed5e12ca2af2df8b9147d2c53ac1a3ed3d40ad9deebdfd|, 'redaction-ledger': 'fight salmon magnesium PARIS isbut NIGEL..