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Thinking Through Post-Task Relationships This post is intended to do several things, most of which have been listed as tasks in my task-management system in the venerable free software text editor, Emacs. The first, which will be more or less invisible to the average user, is..
Fifty Years of the Troubles: A Journey Through Film In a nearly empty cinema hall on a passage leading from Vodičková off Prague's Václavské náměstí sometime around 2014, I watched Koyaanisqatsi, a more or less dialogue-less film and, since my thoughts were being led by narrative, plot,..
No Stone Unturned by Alex Gibney My girlfriend, Woodstock, has a name for films like this. A private joke, it takes some unpacking but I suspect that many couples might have their own name for something similar: this is a Psí film. Gloss: she calls me dog, Pes, and..
Tony Benn and the Five Essential Questions of Democracy I had this tab open in Firefox when I started my computer. I had been writing a film review which had turned, rather inevitably, into a reflection on Brexit. While I was struggling with the piece - and it was a struggle - I took in the..
Watching the End of Parliamentary Democracy in the UK? It's 11 o'clock in the evening and I have been working from nine-ish in the morning. I was writing a film review that turned into a long-form essay. I felt I had lost control of it and I probably had. I have been certain, these last few..