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Jeremy Hunt tells the truth about plans for the NHS the tories don't want you to hear


An unelected prime minister is about to shut down parliament. The press has followed the endless stories about Brexit stuck either in propaganda mode or following a personality-based headline-driven-journalism template that has done little or nothing to educate the people about why the tories are pushing so hard for Brexit. Occasionally the Americans go off message and talk about their assumption that of course the NHS will be up for grabs in a negotiation over a trade agreement with the US. Sometimes we talk about chlorine washed chicken. Now and again we hear how Boris Johnson said "fuck business" when he thought nobody was listening who would take the message out of the room but so little has ever been said about what the tory hardliners truly want and they are permitted to say little or nothing on record and not turn up to interviews so that they can control the message using their well-networked friends in the media, people connected to Cambridge Analytica, and people like Lynton Crosby whose expertise is running Facebook campaigns to look like they are coming from ordinary people. Here is Jeremy Hunt talking to a Health Committee about the plans for the NHS. How this gets no coverage, I have no idea but evidently, YouTube's algorithms are no more likely to boost it when the money has warped the message, taking our eyes off the ball, and Facebook is all about putting the message where the money is. Watch it, talk about it, and pass it on any way you know how.