The videos recorded for Marginálie will typically be found in the most complete form at the Marginálie page at Most will typically be found at YouTube. Since we are trying here not to feed the Google, the following videos will be embedded from Peerview. Please be aware that PeerView uses webtorrent and your IP address will be publicly visible when you stream from this source.

Marginálie diary 19th April, 2018

A screencast discussing my setting up of the Pleroma instance, my experimentation with PeerView, Jitsi video conferencing and the like. (The page I created on Jitsi Meet, "TheresaMay_Windrush_Fiasco", likely as not does not exist, but if you click on it at the same time as anybody else, you will either create it or will meet others who may have done the same or similar.) Should you be interested in talking to me about your experiences with Windrush, immigration, or your views on Brexit in general, you could write to me at or via Keybase and might find yourself in a future video.

WTF Then Must We Do?

A video from 15th March, 2018. This from the point at which I began to wind down work on Call Them Soldiers and begin on an essay entitled WTF Then Must We Do? which is ostensibly about Bohumil Hrabal. I have been fighting with this essay since and will continue to do so, but, if intermittently, I have high hopes for it.

Issue Zero

A video describing some of the reasons why issue zero will be developed with the theme of neurodiversity.

Gaia as a character in Call Them Soldiers

A short video in which I discuss ecological themes in the first book of Call Them Soldiers, History is on the Make