A Resolution or Epiphany at Mezi Hřbitovy

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A Resolution as we shall call it for short was a novel User:Krozruch thought up in one of those fits of manic defense that have come to him when he is backed into a corner. He had been sacked from Gradgrind & Scabbard international school, or rather, his contract had not been renewed, and, his only friend, the autistic Mr Aspinal had been sacked a few months before and so, having been underemployed and marginal all his life, he could see just how he would be so all of his life. He took to hanging out with a friend who had decided he was allright "for a Brummie" and they would go to dark pubs in Žižkov where they would smoke dope and then hang out in Rieger Gardens. After one such night he recorded a video or a dictation of all of the ideas he had had and planned to construct it as a novel from a ride home on the tram.

It was like a stoner The Postman by Bukowski, I decided, and by the time I had got home to my flat near Bohemians football ground in Vršovice that evening I had it.

Prague, Žižkov, Vršovice, but also alternative education, alternative anything, writing as more important than all of that crap, smoking dope as more important than all of that crap, life.

I recorded the videos or audio recordings or whatever they were (perhaps both) and planned to release them. Gradually, I might work through those dictations placing material here or there in the folder of the repo so that each of those stops had a representative amount of consciousness. Others might help by transcribing sections and making pull requests. I was in this was, to make it as a writer, and stick it to my old school. The tone was to be defiant, but scabrous good fun, and the method of it an avant garde, situationist, dada style of punk.

One of the endings of the book was to be my taking a job at a democratic school. I actually got turned off the idea and none of the realities were in place, and I might not have kept afloat, but that then seemed at least to take a little of the edge of the ending and I moved on.

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