An Anatomy of Minimal Brain Dysfunction

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An Anatomy of Minimal Brain Dysfunction is a collection of texts by krozruch existing as a git repository. Formerly known as Radical Transparency, it gathers a number of fiction and non-fiction projects which may be developed by the author or, in some cases, the author alongside a number of collaborators. Its name is derived from Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy and one of the historical names of ADHD. As Wikipedia has it "the Anatomy uses melancholy as the lens through which all human emotion and thought may be scrutinized, and virtually the entire contents of a 17th-century library are marshalled into service of this goal." The reference may be considered ironic, not least because of the deficits inherent to what is known known as ADHD, but in the same way, An Anatomy (the shift to the indefinite article is intentional, underscoring the subjectivity of all human consciousness) is defined by the flitful curiosity of a disinhibited mind. Since the original definition of ADHD is so vague, the title encompasses other neurodevelopmental conditions including cyclothymia and Asperger's syndrome. Implicit is the notion of neurodiversity and the idea that all kinds of minds have been needed for humanity to attain the understanding it has, partially and sporadically achieved. An Anatomy may one day be consciously developed, collected and published. On the other hand, it may not. It may be this wiki, or one or another git repository. What may be more important is that it exists as a concept, a workflow, and a process. Krozruch worked on Radical Transparency for just over two years. In this time, the habits of writing took hold and his notebooks expanded while he continued to work hard to improve the symptoms of the neurodevelopmental conditions which had consistently got in this way of his achievement as a writer. In this time, he honed and conceptualised countless pieces which could become the completed artefacts which we are familiar with: novels, short stories, essays, articles, even poems. As refined as these may one day be, the writing habit is not incontrovertibly the more legitimate because it hits the sweet spot of a contemporarily conventional form, still less because it may be sold. Still less is it the case that a writer may reasonably only be considered as such once they have overcome whatever peculiarities of thinking, whatever oddities of their "wiring" which led them to write in the first place. The scientific method has yet to demonstrate that the neurotypical mind is optimal for divining truth and expressing it. We might posit that should it ever do so, it will only tarnish itself.


A number of podcasts touch on Radical Transparency. In April of 2018, krozruch began an audio podcast series called An Anatomy of Minimal Brain Dysfunction. This will be an alternative outlet for content which fits the description of the above. See the podcast index page for episodes.

pocketapocketa 18th November, 2016

A video podcast about Radical Transparency from towards the end of the project.