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This page will serve as the brainstorming side of the timeline of the development of the Character Christopher Rozruch. It owes its existence to the conversations its author, "Christopher Rozruch", who in one sense is author of himself, has had with "Woodstock" about their version histories. Krozruch had been reading up a standard for versioning that some people, rightly, get worked up about adhering to. He was thinking of its basic rules:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
  • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

This led to reflections of how this could transfer to people, and to his own intellectual, social, even spiritual development. This was in the context of the those self-absorbed, half-ironic, stoner conversations Krozruch and Woodstock would have in the early days about their personal journeys and their path to becoming enlightened - conversations they took deadly seriously, but never for long, so that they would gleefully degenerate into self-parody and laughter at the whole state of the world. Woodstock had always said that krozruch had been working on himself for years, and that you had only just begun - literally, you say, only beginning to think in a meaningful way the month or so before they got together. He would talk about the phases of his life, and there had been so many, some she didn't yet know about and he could barely himself guess at. This was because those steps that broke backwards compatibility had come regularly, meaning that his memory was contextually-segmented both chronologically and in terms of mood and mode.

Krozruch said he would go over a piece of paper sketching out the broad periods of his life sometime as Woodstock had gone over hers, from a note in her mobile phone, as with all of her writing. It was when they were walking back from having met Dita late one late summer night before the time changed but just after the season had started to break, that they started on all of this, sometime after the tram tracks at Holešovice. The following, taken from notes in Radical Transparency, represents some of those original notes.

v0.1 - v0.9

  • The novel Gory Bullshit, krozruch took to writing at the end of his (Catholic) primary school years. He destroyed it after it was handed in to the authorities.
  • The "band". Offspring. Megadeth.

A-Levels 1

  • "Suicide" automatic writing.
  • The Lodge: buddhism and squash?
  • Loch G______, an activity centre in Scotland
  • Solitude

Sound Engineering

  • Typewriter
  • Car Wash: reading the broadsheets, some novels
  • Sound Engineering, Sukhbir.
  • bass guitar
  • The Black Country Journal: batshit crazy
  • The Write Stuff: Raymond Carver
  • Gary Carwood and Uber Insect
  • Churchill's Black Dog?

Master Kidderminster v1.0

Kidderminster College

  • Attempts to write for creative writing course entry requirements

Scabtown 1: University v1.1 - v1.5

  • Darling Poppycock
  • Student Magazine
  • Basket case
  • First efforts with food
  • Yahoo! Critical thinking forum.

Sclenmunster 2 v1.5 - v1.7

Art Carbuncle

Scabtown 2

  • Zygmunt Bauman, Christopher Isherwood, Broadway cinema

Ward O'Gara v1.8 - v2.2

Prague 1st

  • Anglickej Pražák

The Routemaster Convoy v2.3 - v2.6

House of Error v2.7 - v2.8

  • Zipaddee doo dah

Black Herd Mews v2.9 - v3.4

Alex Clatterbach v3.5

Wales, Capel Curig

Wales, Llanrwst, Bangor, Llandudno

@pocketapocketa 2.0 v3.7

  • Twitter overstimulation
  • Evi
  • Creative writing course 2
  • Mountain Biking, the Castle, and the broken car
  • Translation
  • Irena Dousková - 0
  • Liquid Loves 2

Praha 2 v3.8 - v5.0

pocketapocketa v5.1

Gradgrind & Scabbard

Clover v 5.5

Christopher Rozruch

Discipline and Regret

Christopher Rozruch v5.8

  • 'Plastic Paddy of the Universe: the proposal that wasn't'
  • Christopher Rozruch of Debugging
Christopher Rozruch who has decided, it seems, finally, to commit to his project and see what can be made of it. It is a Rozruch who has made a real attempt to find the places he can work, who has for a year with Woodstock worked on his food so that he is much better able to concentrate, if no less inclined to move from one intense fascination to another (this is a Rozruch who has planned his first editor's letter to perhaps begin with a comic from XKCD about random obsessions). It is somebody who can increasingly imagine going alone and making a success of himself, even if he does get stressed about the idea. It is, perhaps significantly, perhaps not, a Rozruch who has - so he thinks - gone gluten free. It is a Rozruch who has thought seriously about his routines and found a few places he is capable of working in. It is a Rozruch who has been more open about his condition. It is also a Rozruch who sees what's going on in the world more clearly than ever and is not prepared to suffer bullshit. It is a Rozruch who is looking forward to a week on his own to work on his insanely ambitious project and work it into some kind of semi-sane shape.

The off the Rails Girls

  • Second year of Montessori
  • Moral audit

Open Letter to Woodstock

  • Trump

Rafting the Tigris

Christopher Rozruch v5.9

 Christopher Rozruch starts work on a reinvigorated Call Them Soldiers and begins to think about Marginálie.


krozruch v6.0

 Christopher Rozruch begins work on Marginálie with WTF Then Must be Done?