Complicity (working title)

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On returning to Prague in the winter of early 2013, krozruch found himself short of time but, having by now engaged with Twitter and, thereby, with the thoughts of people like Vinay Gupta (in his pre-venture capitalist guise), he developed an idea for another novel. Complicity involved the kidnapping of a number of people who were living hi-tech consumerist lives. These were then put to work in mock-up sweatshops producing consumer electronics and the like. A pop psychologist and a moral philosopher[1] were then taken on for the more or less rolling coverage of events which were broadcast in videos sent from the group.

References and footnotes

  1. This following on from the stalling of The Thaw, it incorporated some of its aspects, and I indeed acknowledged this by making the philosopher a student of The Thaw's Robert Tressell.