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Flickr is a hosted photo management web app which supports embedding and a range of licenses including creative commons. Flickr has been very important to the creative commons community, being one of the main sources of creative commons-licensed photography on Wikipedia. Marginálie editor, krozruch was introduced to creative commons via a request to change the license on one of his photographs so that it might be uploaded on Wikipedia. The platform, however, has suffered from long-term neglect since being taken over by Yahoo and then, more recently, sold to Verizon. The future looks bleak. The problem for photographers and website designers is that capable open source self-hosting solutions are in short supply. Most current solutions are unattractive, clunky, short of developers, or lacking in the kind of functionality which drew photographers to the original Flickr. In 2018, the reasons to leave a service owned by a company such as Verizon are much clearer than where an informed user in favour of freedom, net neutrality, and decentralisation, might flee to. Users who might be inclined to agree with Cory Doctorow that Wikimedia Commons might be an alternative should examine this page. It is clear that, though it is an excellent resource, Wikimedia commons will not be a solution for most of the photographers looking to replace Flickr.

Marginálie will likely opt for an image gallery on MediaWiki. The best option for an extension at present appears to be MultimediaViewer.