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Issue Zero is the pilot issue of the Marginálie zine. It will likely exclusively content content by krozruch and take the theme of Neurodiversity. Working on these pieces has been exceptionally difficult, and not only in the obvious cases such as the ambition of the Call Them Soldiers cycle. I don't often wish my head would learn how to work in more pragmatic ways or that I could swim with the tide once in a while, but my inability to do anything but what I believe to be right has been as marked in the last few months of working on my own as it ever has been in my life: I believe in these pieces in the sense that I believe they are, more or less, what I have a duty to work on[1] but do I believe they will ever make me money? I don't know. One thing that has marked any number of them, however, in a way that I have began to explore in the videos I have been recording with reasonable regularity, is the discovery that, I cannot but look back on my own life from this time when I am finally, nearing the age of 40, starting to heal myself of the mental and emotional disruptions I have known all of my life. The fact of being marginal, of being afraid of the present as well as the future, of having "ADHD", "Asperger's syndrome", of having suffered from depression, of being different, cannot be avoided. The essays cannot be as tight as I would wish them to be. Not in the first handful of painstaking drafts in any case. Maybe that will come, and perhaps others can help me to cut them back down to the bone once I have battled through them, but for now the only way out is through, and I have to simply get them down as best I can.


The plan could be for all of the following. The reality will likely look very different, but if a man's reach does not exceed his grasp etc etc. The contents are currently being written. They will be visible on GitLab and will then be available on the website itself when I work on a basic Flask backend.

While the website backend is being developed, the pages may be linked to in their asciidoc format from a temporary Issue Zero Index page which may be deleted once a functional web app delivering html files will be available at For the moment then, if you do not wish to browse the files on the git repo itself, you could download asciidoctor extension for Firefox, Chrome or Opera, and, hopefully, find the files as linked to in the index.



Review of Democracy in Europe by Larry Siedentop
Touches on Brexit and involves a comparison with America.
Review of Žlutý baron and Boss Babiš
How does the Czech Republic's populist prime minister compare to the populist leaders of Hungary and Poland, and what does the current state of politics in the Czech Republic mean for the European Union.


BBC Radio 6 Music
Listening to radio after a long break.
My experience with BandCamp
iTunes Music
I hate Apple right now and I likely won't hold back


Call Them Soldiers, an introduction
We look back with the elderly former chief of the Choctaw Nation, "Spread", upon the efforts of an enigmatic young woman, Hanta, to design a networking protocol, the Blunktenserver Transport, in the tribe's last days in Oklahoma. This is the background to the discovery of the contentious Call Them Soldiers manuscripts, the most famous fruit of Hanta's network, and, according to Spread, the necessary context for any discussion of the Choctaw Nation's involvement in one of the most controversial narratives of recent years.


The fuck do I know about art?!


The Story of a Photograph (The Babiš Mural)
Babiš comes up again in a mural painted to advertise a Hackers Congress on the subject of cryptocurrencies. The photograph serves to prompt a meditation on the cleavages in our society, the promise and the threat of bitcoin, and a reflection on what it means to read a city, and the conventions of street artists as a part of civil society.

Public Domain


The Gift Economy by krozruch
The pleasures of creating and giving and how it may be leveraged to create and maintain organic community in the face of systematic attacks against it.
WTF Then Must We Do? by krozruch
A play on [one of the translations of] the title of an essay by Leo Tolstoy in which the duties of the engaged citizen are discussed with regard to a criticism of Bohumil Hrabal offered at a time that the Czech Republic sleepwalked through the corrosion of its democratic institutions.
A Deadline by krozruch
The renewal of a British passport just over ten years back led to a deadline which ticked away unconsciously in krozruch's mind the whole time. Looking back over that time with an Irish passport, he finds it is possible to see a lot of change and development and also how his ambitions have changed. Notes on the first draft

Food & Drink

The Czech Tea House
The phenomenon of the Czech Tea House. What is it? Is it on its way out?

Columns and occasional piece

Toast - Flapjack by krozruch
An episodic memoir in food begins with peak Britain: the flapjack.
Delights - Green Woodwork by krozruch
A short piece on the pleasures of green woodwork.


Am I Not a Target Market?
Observations on returning to Android and iOS after a long break.
Qubes OS
A review of sorts, and also some background on why such a thing should be thought necessary.
Facebook alternatives
My experience of trying to set up an instance of a self-hosted community social network such as Diaspora, Plemora etc.
Can There be a Public Lending Right for the Digital Age?
A discussion of Brave browser, Aaron Swartz's thoughts on lending, and a technical brief.


The Citizen of Nowhere Charter
The problems of Charta 77's focus on asking for elite adherence to agreements. An alternative.
LETS vs Bitcoin
One of the first templates for Marginálie-like community zines.

References and footnotes

  1. I originally wrote here "in a Kantian sense" and then guessed I sounded like a dick, but I mean it, as, certainly, did Hrabal; I studied Kant in a moral philosophy course at university at a time that I really needed to believe I had a purpose in life, and if the man himself may have shared the faults of many of the men of his age, I took on the message of one or two elements of his moral philosophy.