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The following files are under development on the Marginálie website. For the moment it will be necessary to install a browser extension, asciidoctor, to see them properly on the website. The links will work with the next commit to the real-existing-marginalie git repo, which takes Issue Zero and, via it, History is on the Make 0 as submodules.

WTF Then Must We Do?
Currently an exploration of being marginal, the meaning of community, and the grounding influence of doing meaningful work
Qubes OS
A reflection on operating systems in general for those who don't typically think about them, and some observations on using Qubes OS in general
The first section of History is on the Make
The first part of Call Them Soldiers, planned as a serialised "dirty realist dystopia".
krozruch's experience of using Bandcamp.
Issue Zero Diary
Just what it says. Occasional thoughts about how the first issue is progressing.
a html article on keybase.
The Federation
An article on federated social media services such as Plural Polis, Prague