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The Marginálie wiki will be used as a community knowledge base for the development of the Marginálie zine. Equally importantly, it will be used to share information, experience, and some of the inevitable pitfalls, so that others might set up their own zines, journals, and pamphlets of whatever stripe, whether they be web-based or purely physical.

In the initial stages, the membership of the wiki is invite-only. This may change - it probably should - but the whole project is being hacked together in short order in hours grabbed here and there and it will be necessary to create some structure and something of a community spirit before we may hope for it to get close to regulating itself.

In the initial stages while the indexes and the like are built, in addition to the project's About page and through links in from the zine itself, there are worse ways of exploring the site than using the Random page, New Pages, and Recent changes links here or on the left-hand banner.

To see what lead developer / editor-in-chief krozruch, is working on, click through to his page where you ought to find his current focus. To see some of the discussions which may be affecting Marginálie and the Marginálie wiki's development, sign up and chip in at the rather experimental pleroma social media site.

The first issue of Marginálie, Issue Zero, is in development in fits and starts, and you may find a temporary index page here. The GitLab repo for issue zero is here.

Videos relating to the project may be found at the YouTube channel, and at the Internet Archive on a Marginálie page here. The latter tends to have more content. A temporary video page, ought to be found here, this time with krozruch's ugly face embedded from PeerTube[1].

You might be coming here as a potential contributor, in which case, click around, work out what's going on and whether it is or could be for you, and then create a page (you can search for it and choose to create it if you are able to log in with editing rights), or indeed click on any of the red links to put down something about it, even if you don't know very much. You can also click edit on any page, or Discussion to talk about the page and what may need to change even if you don't want to do it yourself. Such Discussion pages could be relatively formal, or they might not.

If you don't have a clue or can see places that others would not, you could maybe start or contribute to a FAQs page or indeed, if you think there is a need, an IAN (I'm asking now!) page for questions that might appear to be stupid and might not often be asked but which probably aren't and might throw up some interesting miscomprehensions.

Footnotes and References

  1. It's kind of hip, is something of a privacy risk, and probably won't work, but it's not YouTube and that sometimes matters.