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Pampeliška is the working title of notional series of conceptual, procedural, and software templates and protocols for a creative commons zine and a number of related communitarian plug-ins which may be associated with it. The title comes from the Czech word for dandelion. It was chosen after krozruch came across the phrase in an interview with Miroslav Holub who was talking about the cultural dandelions in the asphalt in Normalisation Czechoslovakia. Pampeliška might develop in any number of directions. It could resemble little more than a tutorial and a handful of how to articles. On the other hand, it could be developed into a full linux distribution which might run on a Raspberry Pi or similar, in which a user could be helped to pick and choose content either through a local Django / Flask app or a number of python scripts on the command line, pulling in content from other journals, writing their own version of canonical questions to build up their own zine. A to-list app could be included in such a distribution walking the user through the steps needed to contact others, buy a domain, find a host, and so forth. There may be options to set up something like Loomio and the user may be walked through a number of key decisions such as paperware vs web-based zines, and, if the latter, such decisions as whether to make use of such technologies as Python web frameworks or plain HTML, IPFS, I2P, and Tor. Those who choose to create their own web-based zine might begin by being led through the steps necessary to simply set up a mirror which might be listed on the wikis of any other Pameliška-based, or Pampeliška-style zine.

Plug-ins for Pampeliška could involve software, workflow, and procedural solutions for running community libraries, LETS schemes, torrent servers, and distributed social networks.

== Plugs ins The following "plug ins" could be used.

[MediaMedia] or alternative wiki software
A community knowledge base with creative commons content that could be used in distributions of the zine and may be referred to as background to articles etc.
Gitea or similar
Git can be used for collaboration on texts and code. Marginálie currently uses GitLab
A federated video solution. Uses torrents so all viewers' IPs are publicaly viewable which could be considered a privacy concern.
Mastodon, Pleroma or an instance of another self-hosted social media solution
Marginálie currently has an instance of Pleroma at
Flask or Django
May be used as a back end for the web zine
Federated photo-sharing software
Evergreen or Koha
A library could conceivably be set up with books distributed around a number of cafes and community spaces. Marginálie does not have this.
A book group.
Marginálie is in the process of setting one up.
Community book / music / film club
Associated with a Pampeliška-style zine could be a community buying and distributing books either directly or by placing them in cafes etc. Ie. you could buy a number of books, films, CDs, concert / theatre tickets etc. that your community rates, and place them on a sales or return basis in cafes etc., or send them directly to subscribers.
A community could run a local exchange currency