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A federated video streaming service. It works through webtorrent so, unless you use a virtual private network, your IP address, and therefore, oftentimes and to certain viewers, your identity and geographical location, is visible linking you to the content. This means that PeerTube represents a different kind of threat to the user than YouTube, but a potential threat all the same. The kind of content available and/or visible on PeerTube is likely to be different from that on YouTube so it is worth consider whether it would be worthwhile encouraging users to invest time and energy to mitigate this threat in some way, and / or to support and encourage the developers to so so system-wide.

Marginálie on PeerTube

Krozruch has been experimenting with an instance of PeerTube, has linked to a few videos on the service from this page on Marginálie, and is considering whether it might not be appropriate to try to engineer and maintain a page for the Marginálie zine for projects such as a creative commons workflow book club and any Jitsi interviews relating to the Windrush crisis or whatever projects may come up.