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There are a number of podcasts associated with Marginálie and those projects of krozruch's which led up to it. Typically, audio podcasts are recorded using Audacity, screencasts using VLC Media Player on Linux [1], and videos with a range of software including Kdenlive. The podcasts are typically distributed by way of torrent and many or most may be found on the torrent page of the website. Others may be found on the Internet Archive.


There will be a page for brainstorming short (ideally around ten minute) video podcasts. These may be used to describe the project, introduce the team, answer questions, and the like. Once a given podcast is recorded, the notes may be written up into the main website and the video linked to. Ideally, videos would always also be released as torrents. YouTube inevitably involves "feeding the Google", but if donation may be one of the main income streams of marginalie, it woulld be unwise to turn our backs on the only viable video hosting service that can reliably reach people.

By User

A list of podcasts by krozruch

References and footnotes

  1. typically Fedora with an x11 desktop as vlc screengrab does not work with the Wayland display server protocol