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Namespaces overview

Namespaces are a feature in MediaWiki which permits similar content to be kept together. An example would be user pages, help pages, and, as in the link at the beginning of this description, manual pages.

Custom namespaces

The question for Marginálie will be whether certain kinds of content ought to be grouped together by creating a namespace.

Proposed Custom Namespaces:

Proposed Namespaces with their (arbitrary) ID. The latter is irrelevant but on a technical level.

  • Education (3000)
A namespace for articles, lesson outlines, and materials in the field of education.
  • Food & Drink (3002)
A namespace for recipes, nutritional notes, and other food & Drink content.
  • Interview (3004)
A namespace for the brainstorming of questions for particular people, and types of people, and, potentially, for the editing of interviews by interviewees.
  • Criticism (3006)
A namespace for work on critical pieces. In the early stages of a given piece, a number of people might make notes on a given cultural work before it is developed elsewhere.
  • Zine Draft (3008)
Certain pieces, including poetry, may be developed on the wiki. Where this is the case, people may remove it at any point to complete devvelopment elsewhere.
  • Notes (3010)
Since many pages on the Marginálie wiki may essentially be drafts as defined by, for example, Wikipedia, it may be that a drafts namespace for the wiki itself it not necessary. However, a Notes Namespace might be used for those pages contributors would rather not add to Main.
  • Pampeliška (3012)
A namespace relating to tutorials, advice, and experience with software etc., which is intended to serve as a part of the Pampeliška project ie. helping others to fork Marginálie or set up a zine of their own.
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[ic Depressive] (3014)
A namespace relating to krozruch's autobiographical project, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[ic Depressive].
  • Call Them Soldiers (3016)
A namespace relating to Call Them Soldiers, a novel-in-progress by krozruch.
  • Briefs (3018)
A namespace relating to briefs for content on Marginálie and Marginálie-like journals, that is, descriptions of articles, comics, photographs, software, lesson plans, videos, podcasts, and anything else that might count as content for a community journal.