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  • Meetings should be kept as short as possible.
  • Not all issues must be brought to the meeting.
  • Any significant decisions which have been made elsewhere should be summarised not only for those present but for anybody who may take an interest in watching the meeting later on.
  • "Attendance" of meetings is not a condition of contribution.
  • On the other hand a familiarity with the minutes of issue meetings may be assumed of contributors to that issue.
  • Ideally, by the time the meeting for any given issue takes places, there should be some space remaining for content which has not yet been suggested.
  • If we decide upon Jitsi, anybody who logs in to the meeting should ideally have glanced over it prior to joining the meeting. It is for this reason that a example link is provided on the Editorial Meeting template page. This link will connect you to anybody who is at that moment experimenting in the same way, but then that is similar to going to the physical offices of a small zine or project and might in the same way lead you to having an interesting conversation. In order to experiment without the chance of meeting others in this way, visit this link and add your own suffix to the url as prompted.
  • If Jitsi, then familiarise yourself with the tools for raising your hand etc., learn how to mute and unmute yourself, take a look at how many people are in attendance, and, as you would in a normal meeting, try not to shout up without being invited to speak by the chair. Mute yourself once you have finished speaking.
  • Ideally, before using such a tool such as Jitsi, try it out, perhaps by inviting a friend or family member to a conversation using the tool instead of Skype or Facetime.
  • The tools used for meetings should ideally be voted on every three or four meets.
  • Leave you're ego at the door, but at the same time, don't do yourself down; you do the community a disservice if you smother your ideas before they have left your mouth.
  • That said, Loomio will suit some more.
  • In some communities that's because the insiders who are used to getting heard want to prove how much more with it they are than anybody else and they make newcomers and those who are not so sure of speaking up or being listened to feel three inches tall as soon as they open their mouth. Don't be that guy!
  • Realistically, nobody is going to give two shits about the first dozen meetings in real time, but habits of transparency must be established before they become important and, on the other hand nobody needs to worry about a stream nobody's watching. Subsequent to that, streaming meetings may help to divide people into audience and participants. If and when Marginálie starts to attract readers, supporters, and contributors, having an archive of old videos of editorial meetings may mean something. Until then, nobody knows who the first one or two audience members may be and what their role may be. They might set up a Marginálie-like zine. They might contribute. They might donate.



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