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It is likely that most decisions relating to each issue may be discussed and settled on Loomio and by using Signal, Keybase Teams, and other tools. Nevertheless, it may be useful or necessary to have a conference call before each issue is put together and released. Such conference calls may be made and recorded using Jitsi and subsequently distributed as torrents which may be linked to in the pages, like this, which begin as a way of putting together the agenda and a list of attendees.



Meetings should first be suggested in the Loomio group. Once agreed upon, users should add their name below and the times they can meet in this section.


Please first read and/or edit the Editorial Meeting Protocol page

to add with a bullet point, preface your name with "* ".
to add your user name with a link, replace the name krozruch with your own user name here "[[User:krozruch|krozruch]]" (see links manual page)


Meeting link or instructions:

(By clicking this link, you will link to anybody else who is at that moment doing the same)


Minutes from the meeting should ideally be added here. If this is unlikely to happen, this section may be deleted following the meeting.

Torrent and links to video recordings

Following the meeting, a torrent file should be uploaded to the wiki and seeded from the server if not, for a period, by some of the contributors.