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Radical Transparency was the name of a website and git respository hosted by Christopher Rozruch. It was an open writer's notebook[1] containing many 'modules'. Among these were A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[ic Depressive], A Resolution or Epiphany at Mezi Hřbitovy, Forking Montessori, and The Max Brod of Virginia and other stories, Mickey Spazz Mickey Stands Down, as well as a legacy section containing synopses of other unwritten works. It was hosted from March, 2015, to late 2017. The last piece written for the repo before it was pulled ready for a planned transformation into An Anatomy of Minimal Brain Dysfunction that never came, was An Open Letter to Woodstock which was a versioned hypertext letter that pulled a lot of the strands of the repo together as krozruch explained his life.

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  1. I have just seen it written up as an open drafting notebook, which does in fact make sense to me now.