The Pwned Mind

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The Pwned Mind, previously known by the working titles Rachets and What we Talk About When we Talk About ████ is an essay developed by krozruch from the autumn of 2013 to the spring of 2014 when he began to change his focus to a novel, Mickey Spazz Mickey. Like much of his work, the piece foundered as a result of what would conventionally be described as ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. Also as a result of these neurodevelopmental peculiarities, it has continued to be developed since. In the original conception of the essay, krozruch examined mass surveillance and its consequences for what we call democracy, what indeed it is we call democracy, and the illogical persistence of most people's belief in the resilience of the institutions of democracy (as far as their understanding of the threats against it) even at a time that they doubt the motivations and probity of the people who make up those institutions. In its latest incarnation as The Pwned Mind, the essay, which is little more than a daemon in the author's mind, the essay more explicitly takes on ideology, memes, "false news" (itself a meme which has been multiply repurposed), and the capabilities of powerful people to target individuals with ideological exploits which, whether they may be highly sophisticated or almost incredibly primitive, are highly effective.