The Thaw (working title)

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An unfinished novel by Krozruch about a manic depressive British moral philosopher in Gothenburg, Sweden and his relationship with a troubled young female student who both rejects treatment for depression and many of the rules of the university on the basis of his work.

From Radical Transparency

"An idea for a short story (indeed, half a short story; one of few that was half-written and in one flowing draft) which became an idea for a novel. This is one of the ideas I have a lot of fondness for still. One of those I would like to get around to writing. One of those I truly believe in. It is one of those novels which, if I wrote two or three of them, people would speak of a world I had created.

Looking back, The Thaw was about two things, both of which go back years - indeed, a decade or more - from the point at which I was putting it together. The first is manic depression which was for a long time one of my obsessions. It may be the one I look back on as most helping to form my ideas about the world. I have felt of late that, if you deep enough into anything, you can understand the world through it. If this was true for Richard Burton in his An Anatomy of Melancholy, it is equally true of manic depression through which there is a path to much of the culture humanity has produced. The second, which may yet prove to be my second deepest and most enduring obsession, is formal education and its limitations, and the duty of educating oneself."