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Toast is a proposed occasional piece in the Marginálie zine. It borrows its name and the pith of its form from the memoir of the British food writer, Nigel Slater. The form struck krozruch as an ideal fit for the job of describing some of his the twists and turns of his life, many of which have accompanied breakthroughs in food, which has a profound affect on the symptoms of the neurodevelopmental conditions he has experienced in his life. He plans to write the first in the series, and may return to write others, but this need not be so, and the idea would be best served by being handled by as many different writers as possible. A recent episode of the New Yorker Radio Hour shows just what a similar examination of food and food memories can do. It is hoped that such pieces as this, and Delights, more or less circumscribed by a given form and concept, may lead to the very kind of cross-pollination Marginálie is trying to inspire. It is hoped, that is, that such pieces will convince readers to carry out the same exploration themselves, leading them to think about, here, what is their relationship with food, and, with Delights, what it is they most enjoy in life. Both could in their own quiet way, be instantly, individually revolutionary.