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The Marginálie wiki serves as a knowledge base and workshop for the Marginálie zine. It is also intended to be developed to function as a guide to some of the decisions and technical steps which may be encountered by others looking to set up something similar whether in paper or digital form.

Specific areas it is hoped that the Marginálie wiki will develop to include are:

This, however, is reasonably arbitrary, reflecting the interests of the editor and main developer, krozruch and discussions on the Marginálie Loomio group.

Many of the pages on the Marginálie wiki will resemble notes or a flipchart at the end of a brainstorming session. Since the wiki exists as an adjunct to the zine itself, this need not be a problem. While edits which diminish the readability of a given page may not be encouraged, adding information to a page in a fashion that would not constitute a successful edit to Wikipedia, or creating a page which resembles little more than a post-it note in a stranger's office, may be justified so long as it may be thought to help in the development of current or future Marginálie content.

The conventions here will likely in this way look a little different than they will in a standard wiki (where conventions, policies and guidelines are in any case often not well known to newcomers) and will be developed and negotiated, often tacitly, by the first handful of contributors. It is for this reason that membership will be by invitation at first. It may be that it will then continue to be restricted.

Current focus

The current focus of the wiki is related to Issue Zero and attempts to communicate the aims of the zine and to establish community conventions.